Thursday, October 18, 2012

Short-Term Health Insurance

Everyone needs health insurance. It’s not something that is nice to have, or a goal you should have for one day in the future; it is an absolute necessity when it comes to protecting your health and your financial independence. If you find yourself without insurance for a period of time, it may be tempting to save some money and go without. However, that is a risky choice to make; that’s why you have the option of short-term health insurance.

This type of insurance is suitable for a number of situations. If you just finished college and haven’t yet found your first post-grad job, short-term health insurance may be the best solution for you. It’s also a great way of getting insurance if you’ve just started a new job and are waiting through a trial for your benefits to kick in, or if you’ve been offered a job that begins six months down the road. This type of health insurance might also be appropriate if you retired but are still a few months away from turning 65 – you don’t yet qualify for Medicare, but you’ve lost the health insurance available through your work. Finally, if you are an expatriate who recently returned home to America, you may have to wait a few months before you are eligible for coverage.

If one of these situations sounds familiar, then are an ideal candidate for short-term health insurance.Your situation is not permanent; you will get health insurance soon, but you don’t want to be at risk in the interim. This type of insurance provides coverage for a limited period of time, usually anywhere from 30 days to one year. It is less expensive than standard health insurance plans, but it also provides a smaller amount of coverage. Because it is temporary, and purchased with the assumption you will have standard insurance soon, most short-term health insurance plans do not cover physicals, preventative care or immunizations; rather, they are meant to protect against unexpected illness or injury. It is meant as emergency coverage so you are protected in the worst case scenario – not as a replacement for standard, long-term health insurance.

Short-Term Health Insurance

If you are a freelancer find out ins and outs of individual health insurance

Lots of people dream of working for themselves. Few things sound better than having no boss to answer to, making your own schedule, and even working in your pajamas, if you like. But if you’re making the switch from a steady job to freelancing full-time, you’re also losing some perks. A guaranteed income is the obvious loss, but there’s also vacation pay, sick days, and health insurance. Insurance means you’re covered if an unexpected illness occurs– and unexpected illnesses or injuries can cost thousands of dollars you don’t have. Here are some tips to help you find affordable health insurance as an individual seeking coverage.

Know how much coverage you need. If you are a young, relatively healthy person, you don’t need to purchase as much insurance as someone in their 60′s who is at risk for diabetes. If you want indiviudual health insurance so you’re protected in an emergency, you might want to consider purchasing a plan with a high deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you need to pay before your plan begins to cover the costs. Choosing a plan with a high deductible will considerably decrease your monthly insurance payment.

Know what you need covered. If you take any medications regularly, make sure you get an insurance plan that covers them. A list of all covered drugs is available from the provider. You’ll also want to consider what you may need in the future. For example, if you plan to start a family, make sure the plan you choose has maternity coverage. If you are at risk for a certain disease, make sure the treatments for this condition are included.

Shop around. After you decide how much coverage you need, and you know what, specifically, you need covered it’s time to use that information to find the best combination of cost and coverage. Don’t just choose a plan from the first provider you see. If you want cheap health insurance, you’ll need to compare prices between insurance companies. Every company is different, and every company offers multiple plans. The more quotes you get, the more likely you are to find a great deal that gives you the health insurance you need.

If you are a freelancer find out ins and outs of individual health insurance

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe behind the Wheel

Saving on auto insurance for your teen is something that you have to research on to get the most affordable auto insurance premiums available in your state. Auto insurance companies give discounts to teens who are responsible drivers basing this decision on their grades. The safety of your teen behind the wheel of course is not just a concern of the insurer or a concern because of the costs but one that is of importance because it is your child behind the wheel. Accidents happen and no parent would want their teen in a car crash that is why there is always a need to lay down a couple of rules or more for you to let your teen start driving.

Teenage years are rather difficult. It is that time of one’s life when one is still finding out where one belongs and trying to keep up with peers is not only logical but an urge. This makes teens susceptible to peer pressure and this can involve drinking while driving or drunk driving especially for teenage boys since testosterone is cursing through their veins. It is the job of parents to ensure that this does not happen because driving under the influence increases the possibility of being involved in an accident. Telling your teen how important it is to abide by this rule is a good start – education after all, begins at home.

Teaching your teen how to maintain his or her car is also something you should definitely do. Ensuring that the brakes, the engine, and the wheels are in tiptop shape will prevent your teen from getting in a preventable accident.

Telling your teen to be cautious while on the road is of course something that most parents would do but this might not be enough that’s why experts say that laying down ground rules such as limiting the places they can drive to and setting a curfew is a good idea.

A car with safety features can improve your teen’s control of the wheels and will also help him or her get a good driving record.

Picking the right car for your teenage son or daughter is a good idea not only because this will save you money on his or her auto insurance policy but because it is a precautionary measure if a car crash happens.

Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe behind the Wheel